Mortlake Public School

Excel by effort

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About our school

Mortlake Public School aims to foster independence and encourage students to become responsible for their behaviour and learning. This is embodied in our motto, Excel by Effort, and is supported by a range of programs which help students to develop to their full potential.

We are proud of our success with student literacy and numeracy programs. Students are exposed to technological advances in learning delivery. They also have the opportunity to become involved in sport, dance, music, drama, and a range of other activities to help them become well-rounded and successful members of society. Our experienced, committed staff, our clear focus on student wellbeing, and the attractive school setting mean that students feel welcome and secure in their learning. Our strong partnership with our school's community promotes the educational, personal and social needs of all our students.

Mission statement

Mortlake Public School is committed to providing a caring, supportive environment where all students are able to develop a sense of self worth together with respect and compassion for others.

The school strives to offer a range of programs and learning experiences which will provide opportunities for children to develop to their full potential.

Independence and participation is fostered. Our students are encouraged to become responsible for their behaviour and learning.

About our school

Mortlake Public School offers a quality education, which is reflected in the high level of student achievement, as measured by NAPLAN and other standardised tests. Our students have consistently achieved results in the key learning areas that are above the state average.This high standard of student achievement has been maintained over a period of several years.

We are proud not only of the level of student achievement but also of the quality of the programs that are offered to students in areas such as public speaking, debating, music, physical education, leadership and information and communication technology. These programs are on offer to all students. This is because we would like all of our students to build up a wide range of skills as they embark on life's journey. Our school also places a strong emphasis on student welfare.

While striving for personal excellence, our students are encouraged to show tolerance, respect for others and to develop initiative and self-discipline.

If you would like to visit our school, you would be most welcome. Please telephone our school office on 9743 3001 to make an appointment.