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Student welfare

MPS - Anti Bullying Policy (pdf, 433 KB)

At Mortlake Public School we respect diversity and promote the values of fairness and equity. At our school we aim to provide a supportive learning environment through the implementation of a consistent approach to student welfare. Teachers cater for many learning styles and abilities of students and students' special interests and talents are encouraged.

The Student Welfare Policy aims to foster respect and understanding and to develop a safe and happy environment for all members of the school community. The policy has been developed in consultation with students, staff and the community. This policy incorporates six school values and rules related to these values. The classroom rules are displayed throughout the school.

School Core Values

1) Excellence & Perserverance

2) Confidence

3) Tolerance

4) Respect & Cooperation

5) Discipline & Truthfulness

6) Integrity

School Rules

1) We follow instructions (Yellow Rule) the right place.... the right time....
....doing the right thing....

2) We use build ups by saying nice things (Green Rule)

3) We all have the right to feel SAFE all the time (Pink Rule)

4) We share voice space by listening quietly (Orange Rule)

5) We keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves (Blue Rule)

6) We own our own behaviour because we choose how we behave (Purple Rule)


All students are provided with a copy of the School Discipline Policy on enrolment. The main feature of the policy is a structured award system aimed at achieving positive outcomes.

The school counsellor visits the school weekly and can help if you have concerns about the learning or behaviour of your child. Your class teacher can give you a form to complete if you would like to contact the counsellor.