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Instrumental Tuition

Students are offered the opportunity to learn musical instruments on site, either before or after school. Instrument tutors provide lessons in guitar, violin, keyboard/piano, cello, drums/percussion, flute, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet. The program is coordinated by the same P&C Sub-Committee that manages the orchestra & Senior Choir.

Lessons are paid for by each student, directly to their tutor. Lessons are either 20 or 30 minutes in duration and the charge is $35 per 30 minute lesson or $52.50 per 45 minute lesson.

Instruments are also available for hire through the P&C Sub-Committee at a very reasonable yearly fee.

Students who learn an instrument through the school program participate in the end-of-year music performance and awards night. Students who learn an instrument outside school but have auditioned successfully and perform in the school orchestra also participate in this Awards Evening.

For more information read the 2019 Music booklet.